Are you a partner to your clients, or just a commodity? Are you an expert, or just another line item in their marketing budget?

Building better client relationships will lead to better opportunities and showing value to your clients is the fastest way to build trust and give you the creative freedom to make something amazing. To do that, you have to think beyond the deliverable. You have to think like a marketer.

This past summer, I spoke at Wistiafest 2017, a conference focused on empowering businesses and creatives to make better marketing content.

In my workshop, I ran through the marketer's mindset and specific tactics you can use to transform how you work with clients from pitching to pricing and more. A lot of folks said this was extremely helpful as they navigate the changing industry and seek to differentiate themselves from everyone else that makes video. I'm excited to share this here.

Watch the session below and grab the slide deck here.

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