Video has made a huge impact on how we interpret and consume news. Armed with a camera and microphone on every cellular device (except for you flip phone hold outs) the general public has the ability to catch breaking news in the act. Editing softwares can blur the lines between fact and fiction. And it all conveniently uploads to social media creating viral firestorms in talking point echo chambers. But that doesn't mean good honest journalism is going away. It makes it more important.

Award winning investigative reporter Tim White joins us for a special two part episode. We invited Tim on the podcast to talk about writing and researching La Cosa Nostra along with the 1975 bonded vault heist in Rhode Island for his book 'The Last Good Heist' available on Amazon.


The book is optioned for a feature film by acclaimed author Don Winslow and producer Shane Salerno who's collaborated with the likes of Steven Speilberg, Ron Howard, James Cameron and Oliver Stone. Tim's research also got him involved with the hit podcast Crimetown that should be in your playlist along with The Video Jungle. It's a great episode that became part 2 because part 1 of our conversation about Tim's work as an investigative reporter is so relevant to today's media landscape we had to publish that too.

Tim gives us a look at what really goes on inside a newsroom and what it takes to be a good journalist. A 4-time New England Emmy winner, as well as a multiple Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards recepient, Tim's pedigree stands on its own. But Tim's not here to talk about his success (that's what we're for). He truly believes in doing a service to the community and wants to effect change for the good of all. Tim's conviction and integrity for the job pours through the microphone and all our communities are better served with journalists like him.

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Show Notes:

Arty and John flip the tables and do a little investigative reporting of their own with Tim on...


  • How Tim got his start in journalism
  • The advice he got from his father, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jack White
  • Why reporters on broadcast television need to be good writers and storytellers
  • Trends in the newsroom, broadcast television and the media
  • Why newsrooms should be serving their local communities
  • Balancing day to day news with longer 'tent pole' stories
  • Effecting change
  • Why the pressure of getting the story right has always been there for journalists
  • What's really fake about fake news
  • How video can make a news story more impactful


  • The origins of Tim's book 'The Last Good Heist' co-authored with Wayne Worcester and Randall Richard
  • Reporting on the mob
  • Giving all parties involved in a story the chance to go on record
  • How Tim's research got him involved with the hit podcast 'Crimetown'
  • The process of getting the book optioned for a feature film
  • What authors and screenwriters need to know about option deals
  • Voice over troubles for 'The Last Good Heist' audio book
  • Tim's opinion on ambush journalism
  • The dangers of reporting on social media and racing to break the news first

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