Welcome to the lion's den!

This inaugural episode of The Video Jungle podcast introduces the voices behind the mics, Arty Gold and John Antonacci.

Hear Arty and John's philosophies on...

  • Trends in digital media
  • Running a successful video production business
  • The importance of marketing and sales no matter the business
  • Why they promise to talk less in future episodes

With so much information to share in different areas, The Video Jungle Podcast is broken up into three themed segments.

The Mane Attraction

These episodes will have a featured guest whether they're a CEO, filmmaker, author or other person of influence. Arty and John lead discussions about...

  • How guests found their success
  • What advice they have to offer
  • Best practices
  • What went right and wrong on their rise to promenance
  • Sales and business techniques

Lion's Gotta Eat

Whether you're a video production company or any other business, these episodes will feature guests who specialize on the marketing and sales side of business.

Video Village

These episodes will feature the internal team at Animus Studios sharing...

  • Best practices and techniques
  • Cool projects and work that's influenced them
  • Stories and experiences from production
  • Advice for other aspiring filmmakers, editors, motion graphic designers and strategists

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