Every entrepreneur has an origin story no matter how high they climb up the corporate ladder. Although each story has their own unique anecdotes, one common thread for many entrepreneurs is a necessity to innovate. Through certain consequences of the human condition, an entrepreneur, not thinking they are, develops an idea based on their need that opens up the opportunity for a lucrative venture. In the case of Ryan Deiss, the attempt to sell a rather unusual product to make some extra cash in his college years led to becoming one of the most dynamic speakers on modern digital marketing today.
Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of Digital Marketer, the leading provider of training and certifications to small and mid-sized businesses for their digital marketing needs. Ryan is also the best-selling author of the books "Digital Marketing For Dummies" and "The Invisible Selling Machine" while his digital media and ecommerce group, RivalBrands.com, owns and operates hundreds of properties including, MakeupTutorials.com, DIYProjects.com, SurvivalLife.com, and Sewing.com. While the diversity of sites may confuse you at first, it's Ryan's origin story you'll hear on the podcast that explains his philosophy.

Ryan's early successes taught him to approach business as a publisher; a salesperson that uses the digital space to bring other products to market. Taking advantage of the .com boom of the late 90's, Ryan has experienced the ups and downs of digital marketing from its inception. But you'll hear from him that the hacks and tricks of internet protocol's yesteryear can't fully realize your digital marketing strategy nor the automation tools we have today. Taking a customer from "total stranger to raving, referring fan" remains heavily reliant on human connection while utilizing the digital tools we have to make those connections.

Candid and open about his own journey from enterprising college student to entrepreneurial thought leader, we know you'll become a raving, referring fan of Ryan's once you hear his episode.

You can purchase your own copies of Ryan's books right here on Amazon.

Show Notes:

Arty and John hang up their analog ways to go digital with Ryan about...

  • Getting subscribers to engage with your brand
  • The first product Ryan ever tried to market online that will surprise you
  • Why Arty likes to ask chatbots about vanilla milkshakes
  • Why automation can't completely replace human interaction
  • Using digital automation as a filter to connect real people with real customer service
  • How using video embedded in social media feeds may be more impactful than starting a YouTube channel
  • The dangers of live video streaming
  • Why social posting loopholes will never replace simply buying an ad
  • Digital marketing becoming less about the hacks, tricks or being the loudest on social media
  • How marketers can win in the immediate future with digital marketing
  • The best advice for entrepreneurs we've probably heard so far

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