It was a funfilled beginning of November when we took a break from the business side of things to find the fascinating amidst ten of thousands of pop culture junkies like us at Rhode Island Comic Con. We're filmmakers and storytellers at heart. What spurred us on to pick up a camera, write a script or turn on a microphone for the first time were the very stories surrounding us in downtown Providence.

But while we were geeking out over Star Wars and Ghostbusters exhibits, memorabilia from our youth and merchandise with pricetags we couldn't quite fathom we hit record on our equipment kits to bring you the sights and sounds of the biggest event in the smallest state.

We got to meet some of our favorite stars including Machete himself, Danny Trejo who come to find out is as big an entrepreneur as any!


We also learned that our co-host John is a little behind the magic eightball when it comes to recent pop culture references we continually had to explain. But in true Comic Con fashion, even John found some of the entertainment joys of his youth you'll see in the video below.

Comic Cons aren't just for comic book enthusiasts or superhero superfans. There's something for everybody who's ever experienced the thrill of being emersed in a compelling story. How you consume it, whether through TV, film, artwork, books, costumes and more is all that sets us apart.


Show Notes:

Arty and John recap their comic con experience with stories about...

  • The marketing genius John found amidst the merchandise booths
  • Cosplayers
  • How to sign up and meet your favorite celebrities
  • The culture at Comic Con
  • Meeting Meat Loaf
  • Why John's missing about 20 years of recent pop culture references
  • What's so special about taking part in Comic Cons
  • Who was bold enough to let John have the mic for a 'Man On The Street' segment
  • Getting an interview with the very gracious and outstanding Danny Trejo
  • Autograph memorabilia and why Bob Ross is fetching some serious coin
  • An insane clown posse producing their own versions of public domain films

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