Whether we like to admit it or not, there are times when we don't actually know everything about our craft and need a little help from a friendly guide. In today's social media landscape, friends can come from all over the world who are willing to mentor and share their knowledge with others. You don't even have to personally know who they are. And those who do believe in paying it forward never know when they're going to run into those they mentored from a far, or appear on their podcast. That was the case with our co-host Arty and special guest, Executive Producer Walter Biscardi Jr.

The easiest way to describe Walter is 'renaissance man'. A career storyteller through both digital and traditional production paths, Walter has experienced it all while maintaining a pure joy for testing and working with new technologies other industry pros may pursue with caution. Besides his illustrious career highlights you can find on his Professional Website, Walter's blog, Where's Walter, will show you how his passion for storytelling bleeds into everything he experiences from the places he travels, to the recipes he shares from his family cookbook.

Side Note: If you're going to look up one recipe on his blog I highly recommend the Seafood Sauce from his righteous Feast of The Seven Fishes menu.


But Walter's greatest gift is his genuine nature to help others. In what many consider a cutthroat industry Walter pays it forward. Whether it's offering advice on sites like The Creative Cow or providing courses on LinkedIn Learning Walter's always been there for other creatives who could use a helping hand.

We had no idea that Walter had influenced Arty's career when we booked him on the podcast. We found Walter through another channel at The Mullings Group where he's now the Vice President of Marketing. But Arty quickly remembered how Walter's technical help on the Creative Cow forums saved a few of his projects in the early goings of his production career. Today, I can say from experience that Arty pays it forward to younger pros everyday and I have to believe Walter's impact had a little something to do with it.

You never know what opportunities or experiences can come from helping those in need. But they always end up being really good stories.

Show Notes:

Arty and John explore the world of storytelling with Walter regarding...

  • How Walter inadvertently helped Arty and Animus Studios get off the ground
  • How Walter's printing press accident led to his filmmaking career
  • The pros of learning new cutting edge technologies in the industry and a not so obvious drawback
  • The importance of paying it forward
  • Learning from the next generation of filmmakers
  • 'It doesn't have to be'...
  • Some of Walter's observations on directing and editing
  • How Walter's pay it forward mentality helped him stumble into Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' set
  • Why listening is one of the most important traits of a storyteller
  • One of the best pieces of advice we've heard so far about business partnerships in video production

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