"Feed The Good"

That's not the sort of take away you may be expecting from a podcast centered around video production and marketing. But it is the kind of take away that may motivate video content producers and marketers alike to find their fascinating.

This episode features author, speaker, and marketing entrepreneur Tru Pettigrew. With over 20 years of experience as an award winning marketing executive, Tru's worked with some of the biggest brands and top agencies in the world. How Tru got started in marketing and his approach to youth outreach has informed his perspectives on reaching an audience businesses have been struggling with... millennials.

Through his book, 'Millennials Revealed' and his company Tru Access, Tru's become a sought out thought leader on understanding what our generational divides are, and more importantly what outside influences, including video and digital media, are affecting those divides. But that's far from what's fascinating about Tru.

Tru's taken the next step toward community outreach with his diversity training workshops COHORT and COHEART. Speaking from the heart, Tru is positively engaging educators, police officers and businesses to relieve social, cultural and racial tensions; 'feeding the good' rather than fueling the fires we sometimes set on our social media feeds.

To put it simply, Tru's a bridge builder. You're going to truly love hearing this inspirational voice on a quest to invoke positive change for all.

Pick up a copy of Tru's book right here on Amazon.


Show Notes

Arty and John 'feed the good' with Tru about...

  • How Tru's budding music career transitioned into an award winning marketing career
  • Tru's Voice of The Consumer marketing strategy and his origins of youth outreach
  • Understanding millennials as the first true digital native generation
  • The gap between generation 'X' and millennials
  • How producer Mark falls inbetween as an 'X'-ennial
  • Why Tru's book 'Millennials Revealed' is just as important a read for millennials as it is for other generations
  • Just how good are millennials at creating video content
  • What inspired Tru to become a more active leader in our communities to bridge the gap between social, cultural and racial lines
  • How video and digital media content are influencing our daily dialogue about race and society for better and worse
  • What is victory for diversity
  • How storytelling can be our most powerful tool for spreading goodwill

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