Where Have All The Good Ads Gone?

Not that long ago ad shares on broadcast television were the most effective way to get your message in front of a nationwide audience. Then the internet made it possible to get your message out to a global one. But a funny thing happened at the turn of the 21st Century. And no it wasn't Y2K. It was DVRs. As convenient a device as DVRs have become for consumers it should have been a red flag for marketers and ad agencies.

Flash forward almost 20 years later and millions of people are now consuming billions of hours of content ad free between paid streaming services and the all mighty "skip ad" button. Marketers need a new approach but the answer might be one of the oldest forms of communication we have... storytelling.


CEO of Skyword Inc, Tom Gerace, alongside storytelling guru Robert McKee are leading the charge to change how marketers and businesses are attempting to reach their target audiences. With their worldwide seminar and adjoining book, Storynomics, Tom and Robert are coaching marketers to think like show runners. They believe that by creating great story-driven content audiences want to watch, brands will build a greater consumer affinity while reaping the economic growth interruption marketing is struggling to deliver.

But Tom didn't just join the podcast to theorize. He brought hard, tangible stats that back up just how big an audience loss brands are experiencing with new digital streaming services and channels. He goes through several case studies of how marketers can use the resources they already have to think bigger with story-driven content. If you think a show like 'The Love Boat' couldn't bring a monstrous ROI to your cruise line, think again.

While some of these ideas may turn your traditional marketing strategies upside down, Tom is a positive, encouraging voice to not just get your brand's message out to the 'skip ad' generation, but to make it count. As content creators in the world of video production, we couldn't agree more and are excited for more opportunities to find your fascinating.

To learn more about Tom's company Skyword visit their website.

If you haven't gotten to a Storynomics seminar in person visit the website for more information or get your copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Show Notes

Arty and John sit down for story time with Tom about...

  • How the interruption marketing model is dying
  • Why brands are losing access to their audiences for billions of hours per year
  • How adapting a storytelling approach to marketing is the solution
  • Why marketers need to become show runners
  • The difference between a narrative and a story
  • The Love Boat case study for brands producing their own serialized content
  • What global brand should consider buying the rights to broadcast The Olympics on their own distribution channels
  • Why marketers should stop fearing something new
  • Brands that are increasing their consumer affinity through storytelling
  • Failing marketing tactics that even marketers don't respond to
  • What marketers can learn from HBO making Tony Soprano so likeable

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