What makes a video campaign sparkle?

  • Great acting
  • Breathtaking locations
  • Sweeping camera shots
  • Moody lighting
  • Beautiful set design
  • Swarovski crystals

While you won't find that last item in a filmmaking 101 book you can find Swarovski crystals everywhere in the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

In this installment of The Mane Attraction Senior Manager Tina Gosselin and Head of Trade Marketing Kisha Reid join us to share the marketing and branding practices that have made Swarovski a multi-billion dollar global juggernaut.

Swarovski isn't just making red carpets and fashion runways shine or showering The Academy Awards stage with 45 million crystals. Although the behind the scenes video below of the 2018 Oscars stage design is brilliant in more ways that one.

Tina and Kisha breakdown Swarovski's philosophy on working with companies of all shapes and sizes to provide products and services that define founder Daniel Swarovski's original vison of creating "a diamond for everyone" back in 1895.

Of course we also talk video. Using branded docu-style video content has helped Swarovski get the word out on their partners. Here's a shining example.

But video has also helped raise awareness for the brand's own charitable work. Recently a documentary on Swarovski Waterschools hit the festival circuit and is now available on Netflix. Started in 2000, the waterschools educate communities on water sanitation, hygiene and regional issues to ensure access to clean drinking water in schools around the globe including The United States, Brazil, China, Thailand, Austria, Uganda, and India.

You can Click Here to find out more about Swarovski Waterschools and check out their documentary on Netflix.

Between the Swarovski family's constant innovation, and the teams working with Tina and Kisha, Swarovski crystals can literally add sparkle to anything.

For a look at how designers are using Swarovski crystals to take their work to the next level check out Crystals From Swarovski.

Take a look at Swarovski's partnership with Swell Water Bottles and their brochure of crystaled water bottles with proceeds going toward the Waterschools as well as the non-profit group Red.

Show Notes

Arty and John host Tina and Kisha as they talk about:

  • How Tina and Kisha started working for Swarovski
  • What Swarovski looks for in branding partners
  • Marketing and branding practices that have made Swarovski a leading fashion and entertainment brand
  • How Swarovski uses video to market their brand
  • Partnering with Swell Water Bottles to raise money for The Swarovski Waterschool
  • Tina and Kisha's favorite video campaigns including a documentary about The Swarovski Waterschool now available on Netflix
  • How Swarovski crystals can literally accent anything
  • Just how shiny their offices get when daylight hits their crystals
  • Getting involved with The Academy Awards and Broadway
  • Tina and Kisha's advice for other marketers and sales managers looking to make their mark

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