With every new technological evolution comes a creative revolution

We're currently in the middle of both. While broadcast media hasn't been around that long in the spectrum of time, the advances we've made as an industry since the black and white days of ABC, NBC and CBS have been extraordinary. Today the constant development of new distribution methods across digital platforms offer enormous possibility not just for content creators but for marketers as well. That has this episode's guest, Steve Kazanjian, very excited for the future of the entertainment industry.
Steve is the President and CEO of Promax BDA, a non-profit global organization comprised of thousands of entertainment marketers, designers and content creators who market your favorite TV shows and networks. Steve's witnessed the rapid innovation across the entertainment industry as a Fortune 500 Brand Marketing Executive and creative himself. That innovation shouldn't be scaring industry pros as much as inspiring them to create what's next and continue the evolution of storytelling.

We've already experienced the cultural shift and accessibility of content creation with the advancement of consumer technologies and software. Today, Steve sees a similiar evolution with content distribution affecting how entertainment marketers can and should reach their audiences in a compelling way. We're seeing a similar trend in B2B, B2C marketing where better storytelling and branded content are starting to generate more positive results for marketers because of those same distribution methods.

As the lines begin to blur between the types of content our audiences want us to provide, along with the means we have to provide it, the next technological advance in broadcast media is still to come. The opportunity that comes with it is what Steve and Promax BDA encourage all creatives to feverishly explore.

To learn more about Promax BDA visit their Site and find out how you can create what's next with them.

Here are Justin's 8 Big Takeaways From His Promax BDA Experience after attending this past summer's conference in New York City.

Show Notes

Arty and Justin create what's next with Steve about...

  • Promax BDA and how they help entertainment marketers reach their audiences
  • Justin's experiences at the last Promax BDA event
  • How innovation in technology leads to better content creation
  • The distribution revolution we're witnessing in broadcast media
  • How the lines are being blurred between entertainment marketing and business marketing
  • Keeping marketing content authentic to the expectations of distribution platforms
  • How Promax BDA unites creatives to collaborate
  • What major industry players could completely change the game
  • Why it's a great time to be a content creator
  • A new golden age for broadcast media
  • Putting a value on creativity
  • Why younger media professionals should be searching for the next evolution in the industry to work for

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