Animus Studios Co-founder and Director of Photography Scott Beer is in the spotlight for this installment of The Video Village.

Yes that's his real last name and it's awesome.

Scott sets the tone for quality at Animus bringing years of knowledge and experience from on set as well as behind the controls of the edit room. A true believer in collaboration, Scott happily shares what makes him a successful filmmaker who's always pushing to make his latest project the best one yet. An avid sports fan, Scott recently put the finishing touches on his sports sizzle reel, compiling the best from seven years of shooting breathtaking footage around the country. In this episode he breaks down his process and how other cinematographers or production companies can make their sizzle reels... sizzle.

Besides the sports talk, Scott shares his best practices and philosophies behind the camera and some funny on set stories from bug infested deserts to the friendly confines of Facebook.

Watch the sizzle reel Scott talks about below. And follow him on Instagram to keep up with his latest projects.

Show Notes

Arty and John dive deep into Scott's advice and on set stories about...

  • Why a background in still photography can lead to better videos
  • The importance of quality control
  • Embracing collaboration and helping fellow filmmakers
  • That time Scott got attacked by bees while filming in the desert
  • What goes into making an impactful sizzle reel
  • Challenging yourself as a filmmaker with projects like a 48 hour film festival
  • Running into Mark Zuckerberg on a Facebook shoot
  • Why shot selection matters
  • Finding opportunities to invest in yourself as a creative and going for it

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