What Animus Studios Lead Editor Roy Power lacks in his sense of smell, he more than makes up for behind the keyboard of his editing suite. Combing through hours of footage to create crowd pleasing videos for all, Roy's editing style has evolved and grown.

But what you'll hear in this episode is Roy taking the next step into his love of filmmaking by directing and producing his own passion projects.

This past year Roy has been working with indie rock group Low Cut Connie on several of their music videos.

His latest short film project, 'Memory Video', is in post-production after running a successful kickstarter campaign to finish the film and submit on the festival circuit.

In his own words:

'Memory Video' is a short movie about the experience of going to the video store as told by Miguel Gomez, who currently operates his store Viva Video outside of Philadelphia.

Miguel fights to keep his store alive in the age of streaming with the help of his family and the surrounding community. While video stores are shutting down every month, Viva Video is one of the last remaining stores in the world.

The sky's the limit for Roy and we're excited to see where he takes his passion for filmmaking from here.

Even though his kickstarter campaign closed recently, you can still help Roy get 'Memory Video' off the ground. Email him at roy@animusstudios.com for more information.

Check out the teaser of Roy's directorial debut 'Memory Video' below.

Here are the two music videos Roy edited and helped produce for Low Cut Connie. They're music's become an office favorite so definitely give them a listen.

Show Notes

Arty and John pull Roy out of the edit suites to talk about...

  • Roy's love of filmmaking and his favorite director Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Roy's best practices for editing and working with directors
  • Whether or not lacking a sense of smell affects Roy's work
  • How Roy got involved with editing music videos for the acclaimed indie rock group Low Cut Connie
  • Why Roy wanted to make a short film about the nostalgia of going to the video store with his passion project 'Memory Video'
  • Finding the perfect video store to feature in his film
  • Switching from the editing chair into the directing chair
  • Running a successful kickstarter campaign to fund his film
  • How being an editor informs his directing style

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