The rise of digital media should be changing how you think of video content. With so many social platforms offering a more visual way to deliver a message, video can be considered the most effective communication tool in your bag of marketing tricks. But if the idea of lights, cameras and editing software seems daunting, Video Strategist Phil Nottingham is here to help you get on your video marketing soapbox and deliver your message to the world.

Phil is the in house strategist of the video platform company Wistia and he joins The Video Jungle Podcast to talk about their revolutionary software, Soapbox. Soapbox takes all the work out of making personalized video messages for your marketing and sales needs while offering a fun, creative experience for all.

Phil has consulted for some of the biggest brands in the world, regularly speaking about video strategy, SEO and technical marketing. A die hard creative at heart, Phil tells us why creative video content is the best way for companies to communicate with their audience.

In the years to come you may not be asking people if they got your email. You may be asking if they got your soapbox.

Get on your Soapbox by visiting Wistia.

Here's our co-host John Antonacci showing off Soapbox in action.

Show Notes

Arty and John strategize with Phil about...

  • How Soapbox works and the theory behind it
  • Why personalized video messaging is the next evolution of communication
  • Why Wistia believes so heavily in creative video content
  • How to use video as a more effective communication tool
  • Phil's background in theater and stage combat
  • How Phil's creative/theatrical background informs his business practices
  • Why company's should take more creative chances
  • The importance of developing a unique brand identity and how video can be an influence
  • Advice for marketing and sales professionals on how to start using video

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