Recently we've had the privilege of meeting several military veterans and the honor of sharing their stories. Nick Palmisciano is no exception and after hearing his story there's a clear reason why he's accomplished so much.

After graduating from West Point and serving 6 years in the armed forces, Nick made short work of business school, quickly rose up the corporate ladder, started his own wildly successful apparel company, Ranger Up, and grew a YouTube audience of over 85,000 subscribers with his videos.

If that's not enough to inspire you to do more, Nick and his friends in the veteran community decided to make their own feature film dedicated to military veterans and active servicemen. The action/comedy Range 15 was born. Through nothing but hard work and a no quit attitude, this veteran team that never made a film before raised over $1 million dollars on Indie-Gogo, filmed their script in 13 days, and were able to screen the film in 600 theaters nationwide.

Inspiring, candid, and simply a great person to speak with, we can't wait to see what Nick does next.

Visit Nick's Company, Ranger Up, for his latest and greatest.

Range 15 is available on Amazon and iTunes.

We also recommend checking out the behind the scenes documentary, Not A War Story by Tim O'Donnell about the making of Range 15. It's also available on iTunes and Amazon.

Thank you to all military veterans and active service members out in the world today.

Show Notes

Arty and John have a blast talking with Nick about...

  • His motivations behind attending West Point
  • The biggest difference between business school and West Point
  • Early success and lessons Nick learned in the corporate world
  • Forging his own path as the co-founder of Ranger Up Military Apparel
  • Giving back and lending a voice to the veteran community
  • How Nick uses video to entertain and educate his audience of over 85,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Why his early passion for filmmaking led him to join his friends in the veteran community to make the feature film Range 15
  • Crowd funding over $1 million to finance Range 15
  • Behind the scenes stories of getting Range 15 made with a cast and crew mainly comprised of military veterans who never made a film before
  • How being a really good letter writer got William Shatner to appear in the film
  • The importance of making a feature film with the veteran community for the veteran community
  • Nick's favorite and least favorite films depicting the armed services
  • Nick's advice for other business professionals trying to make their mark

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