Most video productions have a love/hate relationship with the weather. We even wrote a video strategy article about preparing your shoot for inclement weather. But when most filmmakers are running for cover at that sight of lightning strikes or incoming storms our guest of this mane attraction is running in!

Award winning photographer, filmmaker and storm chaser Mike Olbinski found his niche in the video jungle while making it his own. After being mesmerized by the beauty of lightning strikes as a child from his own backyard, Mike's been fascinated by the weather. But it wasn't until he captured lightning strikes with his camera for the first time that he found his calling. Today, Mike has a flourishing weather photography and filmmaking career you have to see to believe.


After getting the attention of National Geographic and The BBC for his masterful still photography, Mike took the next step into time lapsing the epic storms he was witnessing. Turning that footage into yearly documentary shorts, Mike's built his own social media following while continuing to be a huge hit on the festival circuit. He's even licensed his work to some of the biggest brands in the world and provided The God of Thunder a storm of his own in the feature film Thor 2: The Dark World.


But Mike's no daredevil. Taking appropriate safety concerns and precautions, he also has a healthy respect for mother nature's fury while transforming it into art.

In some ways, Mike has captured lighting in a bottle that's continued to supercharge his growing career. We're predicting cloudy, ominous skies ahead. Why? That's just the way Mike wants it.

For more of Mike's brilliant work you can check out his Website or follow him on Instagram and his Vimeo page where he posts stunning documentary shorts of his time lapses and storm footage. You'll never look at stormy weather the same way.


Show Notes:

Arty and Director of Photography Andy Drachman brave the elements to learn from Mike about...

  • What first intrigued him about the weather, particularly lightning
  • How Mike's weather fascination forced him to take his photography to the next level
  • What keeps Mike awake during long road trips across the country chasing storms
  • How do you capture that perfect lightning shot
  • Mike's evolution from still photography to time lapsing super cells, haboobs and all the crazy storm surges you and I would run away from
  • How durable Canon cameras are
  • Finding the right spot and more importantly the safe spot to capture storm footage
  • The storm Mike filmed that ended up in Thor 2.
  • The care and post production Mike puts into his footage
  • Post production editing techniques for making your footage look their best without looking rediculous
  • Crazy stories from the road, including the time he got pulled over by the cops
  • Finding success by following your passion

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