Running your own video production business comes with plenty of opportunities to plan, create and share great content with the world. But there's that third word, 'business' that can't be ignored. Our sales motto 'Lions Gotta Eat' is our friendly reminder that well... lions gotta eat! Keep feeding your business and it'll feed you. That's why we're feeding all of our listeners with one of our favorites... pumpkin.

In this episode of our Lion's Gotta Eat segment we're talking with acclaimed business author of The Pumpkin Plan, Profit First and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz who's got a new book out called Clockwork: Design Your Business To Run Itself.


We learned about Mike through reading his book The Pumpkin Plan that instantly resonated with us as a video production company. The good news is Mike's business advice and philosophies are virutally universal for any company out there. With plenty of actionable solutions that are easy to understand and fun to read, Mike's making a difference for entrepreneurs all over the world. But Mike's not your typical business author trying to sell you a bill of goods.

Mike's had his share of dissappointments and missteps in his entrepreneurial career. He's not afraid to say where he's gone wrong and that's often what inspires his book ideas. Mike practices what he writes with his own company first and the process he went through to develop Clockwork was fascinating to learn about.

Genuine and relatable, Mike's the real deal and we speak from experience that his advice can make your business more profitable.

Pick up your copy of Clockwork on Amazon and check out the Clockwork Website for a bunch of awesome extras you can download to help grow your business.

Take an inside look at more of Mike's books Here.


And Mike's got a podcast too! Give The Profit First Podcast a listen for making your business more profitable.

Show Notes:

Arty and John dive into the pumpkin patch on the following.

  • Why Mike decided to become an author
  • Mike's process for writing books
  • The pressure of offering business advice to others
  • Comparing marketing to giraffes
  • Mike practicing what he preaches by testing his theories on his own businesses
  • How many copies of The Pumpkin Plan we bought for our clients
  • Has Mike actually ever grown a pumpkin
  • Mike's best advice and takeaway from several of his books
  • Why he wrote Clockwork and how long it took Mike to complete the manuscript
  • A preview of the advice and takeaway we can expect from Clockwork
  • Mike designing the ultimate test to see if his business can run by itself
  • Empowering those he works with to be their own entrepreneurs
  • Mike's least favorite college lacrosse team to play against
  • Mike's best advice for young start ups and professionals

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