Every Business Is In The Customer Service Business

Video production companies are no different. At Animus Studios we're providing a service to our clients like anybody else. We just do it with lights, cameras, a team of creatives and a couple of really cute office dogs.

The relationships we develop with our clients is what makes the content we produce for their audiences impactful. That's why we're always looking for new ways to improve our customer service funnel and talking with experts like Michael Redbord from Hubspot is a differentiator we're happy to share with you all.
Michael is the General Manager of Sevice Hub at Hubspot. Since joining the Hub in 2010 Michael's helped businesses of all shapes and sizes deliver better customer service experiences through the use of Hubspot's software and education initiatives. A lifelong online marketer, Michael shares with us the service trends he sees working for businesses as well as the technologies we have at our disposal that can help develop a service experience customers expect in today's competitive market.

There's a huge human component to what Michael talks about we all can relate to. The automation we have to work with are the tools we use to reach our customers. But all of those interactions have become table stakes. Even video content has quickly garnered a seat at the table of outreach, support and service, customers are expecting.

With the 'yelpification' (his word not ours) of a business's reputation out there for anyone to overanalyze, simply having a few support tools available isn't the game changer it used to be. Providing a service that turns customers into your advocates should have always been the goal. But now it's more important than ever. Michael has plenty to offer about ways to do that, why it's important to work toward customer service, support and success as well as how Hubspot can help. Listen up above and follow Michael on Twitter or Linkedin for more tips that'll help your customers gladly work for you.

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Show Notes

Arty and John don't have to get through an annoying phone tree to talk with Michael about...

  • How Hubspot services their clients
  • The thought process behind the software Hubspot develops to help businesses service their clients better
  • It's free to start using Hubspot's software
  • The difference between customer success, service and support
  • How using video as part of your business and service initiatives have become table stakes
  • The 'yelpification' of a business's reputation
  • Customer service pet peeves
  • Why everyone working for a company has a hand in customer service
  • The importance of unlocking customer advocacy

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