Don't Overlook Creative

Creative doesn't start and stop with ideation. It's often in the production process when you have to be at your most creative to execute an idea for your client. Sometimes that means careful coordination across multiple locations or finding third party vendors that share your vision. Sometimes it means executing a completely different type of production to pivot for a client's needs. Creative flexibility along with a rock solid production process will open up the possibilities of bringing value to your clients and our friends at LAIR are exceptional at it.

Lair is a creative collective based in New York City producing outstanding video content for some of your favorite TV shows and international brands. When you go to their website (and we know you will) you'll see promo videos for Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Americans and more that belong as segments in the shows themselves.

The dynamic duo of Head of Sales Kelly Carson and Head of Production Theresa Loguercio joined us to share how Lair is able to work with so many unique clients and still generate amazing results.


Kelly and Theresa have the type of outlook on creative, production and sales that we share at Animus Studios. With their processes firmly in place, they're able to use the collective of talent at Lair along with their creative flexibility to give clients the value they're looking for. That ability to pivot is what led Lair down the path of experiential marketing events that will blow you away. You can and should take a look at the experiences Lair has put together here.

Are events different from videos? Of course. But the creative and production process remains the same for both. You just have to be flexible and adapt. When you have those processes in place and a team like Kelly and Theresa surrounded by the talent they cultivate, the creative possibilities for content are endless.

Show Notes

Arty and John get experiential with Kelly and Theresa about...

  • How Kelly and Theresa got started in the business
  • Staying flexible on the career paths of our industry and the work you do for clients
  • People who want 9-5 jobs probably shouldn't go the production route
  • What led both to Lair
  • People who are actually named Thor
  • Lair's creative process and how they live shoot their incredible promos for your favorite TV shows
  • A special delivery for Kelly and Theresa in the middle of recording
  • Lair's best practices for working with clients
  • Lair's sales approach
  • How Lair's flexible creative approach led them down the experiential marketing path
  • Some of Kelly and Theresa's favorite experiential campaigns and the production behind them
  • Kelly and Theresa's advice for getting started in the industry and forging a career path

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