In this Video Village segment Arty and John pull Animus Studios Co-Founder Justin Andrews away from his keynotes and pitch decks to talk about his best practices and philosophies for keeping up with the growth of video marketing.

While Justin's always had a passion for telling fascinating stories through video and film, his business pedigree from Bryant University keeps things in perspective. It's not enough to create the content. You have to plan how you're going to share it.

And if Justin can't do it, his trusty dog Harper probably can.

Show Notes

Arty and John give the spotlight to Justin as they discuss the following.

  • What led Justin from business school to the world of video production.
  • What it felt like to make his first documentary feature Dare To Be Remarkable.
  • The philosophy behind plan, create and share.
  • Are John and Justin related?
  • Best practices for working with clients and pushing more creative projects.
  • Developing
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone as a brand.
  • Producing content your audience will love.
  • What exactly is video marketing and video strategy.
  • How the worlds of filmmaking, marketing and storytelling collide.

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Dare To Be Remarkable