Some of the most rewarding projects in video production are ones made for the sole purpose of helping others. Recently, Animus Studios Co-Founder Scott Beer had the opportunity to lend his talents to a non-profit organization that's doing extraordinary work for military veterans. In this episode Scott shares his experience working on a video that took on a life of its own.

Has Heart is a non profit organization partnering a military veteran with a graphic designer in all 50 states of the country to tell the veteran's story through art. The result is a design used to make t-shirts and patches in honor of each veteran in each state. In addition, a video is made documenting the process in each state. Hearing about the opportunity, Scott jumped at the chance to help out and make a video about veteran Josh Chiarini's Has Heart moment. But after hearing Josh's incredible story from his service overseas to becoming a firefighter and pilot after active duty, Scott realized he had a bigger video to create.

Hear from Scott as he details the filming process that compelled him to turn a requested 2-3 minute video into an almost 12 minute feature piece on Josh's life story. Sometimes putting in the extra time outside of work is just the right thing to do.

You can watch the video of Josh's story on Has Heart's Website.

Thank you to all military veterans and active service members out in the world today.

Show Notes

Arty and John go behind the scenes with Scott has he talks about...

  • Why Scott jumped on board to help out Has Heart
  • How Has Heart got started and came up with the 50 States initiative
  • The process veteran Josh Chiarini with artists Jay Biethan and Rashelle Palmer went through to get to their final product
  • The life experiences Josh talked about that made Scott realize there was a bigger story to tell
  • Giving back to the veteran community by telling their stories through video
  • Scott's process of filming and editing all the components of the video
  • Going the extra mile to make a better video
  • Why passion projects like this are important for filmmakers and creatives

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