Every marketer is trying to find their business or client that special unlock code to social media notoriety. The bigger your following, the bigger your outreach, the bigger your ROI. But if it were that simple, we'd all be influencers. So what is the code? In this episode of The Video Jungle Podcast we ask the experts themselves. The influencers.

Tyler and Ryan Falcoa have been making beautiful music together since they were teenagers making goofy cover videos with their friends. But the brothers quickly realized social media was their ticket to music stardom after singing in front of X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, LA Reid and Britney Spears. Perfecting their craft and taking their videos to the next level with Director and collaborator Mitch Francis of Cinemagic Pictures, the trio have continued to make the push toward sharing high quality content and original music.

118,000 YouTube subscribers and over 20 million video views later, Tyler and Ryan have built an international following on their own that has producers coming to them from The Voice and Best Cover Ever, while earning recognition from some of the music industry's rising stars like Charlie Puth and Kurt Schneider. How'd they build their brand through social media? Listen and learn why "viral" is a dirty word, content matters and brand loyalty beats brand awareness.

Check out "Guarded", the boys latest video below and find more of Tyler, Ryan and Mitch's music videos on YouTube.

Show Notes

Arty and John subscribe to Tyler, Ryan and Mitch's channels about...

  • How Tyler and Ryan found their musical connection
  • Growing their audience through social media
  • The strangest places they've been noticed
  • Social media best practices and how to use individual platforms
  • The importance of quality content and videos
  • The collaboration between the brothers and Mitch
  • Brand awareness versus brand loyalty
  • Musical and film influences
  • What's on the horizon for this team of talented collaboraters
  • Advice for other marketers and businesses to grow and share their brand

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