It's easy to sell consumers something they want. It's easy to convince consumers to buy something they need. But what if you're selling something people don't want to admit they need? That's the question our guest on this installment of Lion's Gotta Eat has been answering for decades.

Michael Andreozzi has been working in the hearing aid industry for most of his life. Merging with hearing aid juggernaut Beltone, Michael expanded his family's 3 store practice to 125 all over the east coast of North America. Here, Michael shares the sales techniques and customer service experience he's developed over the years that have led to his success as a CEO.

Show Notes

Arty and John don't need an aid to hear what Michael has to say about the following.

  • How Michael got into the hearing aid industry through his father Rocco
  • The importance of the customer experience
  • How to sell a product people don't necessarily want
  • Why Michael believes so strongly in using video as a marketing tool
  • Why Arty and John might jump ship to work for Michael
  • Michael's development of a virual reality hearing experience
  • Michael's advice on marketing, sales and running a business
  • How meatballs became a company tradition
  • The importance of developing your brand's message
  • The watch he bought on vacation that turned into a sales metaphor

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