As a lifetime radio personality and program director all over the country, Bob Walker has seen it all when it comes to changes in media consumption. It also means Bob has hilarious, heartwarming and surprising stories to share about some of music's biggest stars!

But if you thought video killed the radio star, Bob's here to tell us how the current trends in video marketing, content and streaming services are helping his radio stations thrive.

As the Vice President of Programming at Hall Communications, Bob and his team are constantly adapting to the latest digital media trends. Always the innovator, Bob shares with us the content strategies he's using to help promote his stations as national branded content destinations while maintaining the tride and true joys of storytelling through radio.

To learn more about Hall Communications and their stations go to

Tune into Bob's station, Cat Country, that previously won Large Market Radio Station Of The Year at the Academy Of Country Music (ACM) at

Show Notes

Arty and John are tuned into Bob's stories and advice on...

  • How digital media has changed radio over the years
  • How his radio stations use video to help promote their brands online
  • What digital media trends his stations are adapting to and taking advantage of
  • Bob's video content called 'This Is Cat Country'
  • How radio stations anywhere can establish themselves as a national brand
  • The importance of storytelling on the radio
  • How his station's are utilizing live streaming
  • Microcasting versus Broadcasting
  • That time he got yelled at by a very soft spoken musical icon
  • That time a current musical icon helped his daughter
  • His advice for on air talent developing their own voice

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