Developing your marketing and sales techniques are crucial for any video production company. But after you lock in a client and come up with a great marketing campaign to help them, the person rolling camera becomes the centerpiece of your project.

In this installment of the Video Village we're proud to bring on Animus Studios Director of Photography Andy Drachman. Andy's traveled all over the country capturing stunning video that makes an Animus Studios project shine. But we'll learn from Andy it's not as simple as pressing record. There's a plan that goes into every production shoot too.

Check out some of the talented camerawork from Andy and the rest of the Animus Studios team below!


You can also follow Andy on Instagram for a look behind the lens.

Show Notes

Arty and John get behind the camera with Andy on the following.

  • How he got into filmmaking and what intrigued him about the camera

  • Tips for filming interviews and corporate videos

  • The strangest thing that happened to Andy on set

  • Best practices for traveling with gear through the airport

  • The importance of planning out your shoots

  • The equipment checklist

  • What he learned at the Masters In Motion conference in Austin, Texas

  • Building a network around the country of like minds and collaborators

  • Shooting with a purpose and working with editors

  • Advice for younger filmmakers who want to be a Director of Photography

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