Houston we have a problem...

You're a director, producer, or creative agency with great ideas you can't wait to pitch. You can visualize in your head how spectacular you're video can be. But as you stare at the cliche writing in your pitch deck while scouring the internet for really bad stock photos, you feel like you're in space where no one can hear you scream.

Luckily there's The Moon Unit; an autonomous collective of ghostwriters and designers who help creatives bring their pitch decks and treatments to life. Besides putting together outstanding work, The Moon Unit's brand is one to behold.

While the rest of us want everybody to know who we are, The Moon Unit makes a concerted effort to maintain their anonymity and confidentiality of their clients. The members of their team even interact with us plebian beings under science fiction aliases.

You can try to ask them for their real name. We did. But no jedi mind trick will undo their dedication toward putting creative first while keeping their indentities in the outer limits.

Cool brand. Out of this world work. How can you go wrong?

We were fortunate to make first contact with Katniss (remember not her real name) who explained how The Moon Unit operates all over the globe to help creatives make their pitches stand out. While we honestly have no idea who she is, (she could be you, we don't know) Katniss gave us an education on the art of the pitch deck, how to make ours better and was gracious enough to present our co-host Justin with a special Moon Unit alias for his soon to be new born child.

We hope this episode helps you explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, new civilizations and boldly go where no pitch deck has gone before.

Visit The Moon Unit's Website for more information on their services and examples of their awesome work!

Show Notes

Arty and Justin blast off into the Moon Unit's orbit with Katniss about...

  • How The Moon Unit got started
  • How The Moon Unit helps creatives visualize their pitches
  • The art of the pitch deck and what it takes to make a great one
  • Curating unique imagery and experiences versus typical stock photos
  • Time travel
  • Client confidentiality (trust us, your secrets are safe with The Moon Unit!)
  • The perfect alias for Justin's first born child
  • Why The Moon Unit uses aliases and which members have the best nicknames
  • Why Katniss chose 'Katniss' as her alias
  • Trends in media and how that can affect a pitch deck
  • Pre production and how pitch decks and treatments can help
  • Why brands should consider using pitch decks and treatments to share with their agencies and third party creative teams

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