Erik Scalavino has a championship pedigree. As a staff writer with the New England Patriots since 2006 and a voice of the Patriots Unfiltered Podcast, Erik has covered one of the most remarkable dynastic runs in sports history. And he's got the rings to prove it!


Admit it, you thought only the most athletically gifted had a chance at one of those. And it's no knock on Erik, but we're pretty sure his combine stats would have landed him as one of those unrestricted free agent value picks. At best.


These podcast episodes give you a behind the scenes look at the media coverage behind major sports teams. We also couldn't avoid a little New England fandom talk as we recorded these episodes just after the Super Bowl. But Erik has a unique insight to the subject matter he reports on. As you'll hear, it's not always the indepth football analysis that tells the best story. Erik strives to find the human connection from these legends of the gridiron.

These athletes have to talk about their sport, but what do they want to talk about? What else are they passionate about? In those instances, Erik isn't all that different from the athletes he reports on.


5 years ago Erik started his own non-profit called Nutmeg Animal Welfare. You'll hear how passionate Erik really is about animals since his desire to become a Veterinarian in his youth. But it was the trips he took during the football offseason that opened his eyes to a world of need, including a life changing experience in the deserts of Egypt.

Erik started his foundation shortly after. Connecting with shelters all over the globe to provide aid to distressed animals, Erik's team of current volunteers focus on the needs of animals specific to their place in the world. But the work doesn't stop after one visit or a generous donation. Nutmeg Animal Welfare maintains relationships with those they connect with to ensure the work involved is never abandoned.


Pledging a level of transparency you don't always find with non-profits, Erik tells us why he's so adamant about making sure every contributor to Nutmeg knows exactly where their dollars are going. At least 75% of donations go directly toward animal welfare around the world. And it's not just because it sounds good on a landing page. It's his truth.

Sometimes it doesn't take much to reveal the heart of a champion. And through these episodes you'll hear why Erik's is as big as anyone's. I guess he deserves those rings after all.

If you'd like to donate to Erik's non-profit go to and follow them @nutmeganimals on Twitter and Facebook.

Show Notes:

Arty, John and Erik huddle up to talk about:

  • Arty and Erik's days covering the Boston sports market for WPRI
  • Those times they thought the Patriots would never win the Super Bowl
  • That time they couldn't believe the Patriots won the Super Bowl
  • What Erik can and can't say as a Patriots staff writer (The answer might surprise you!)
  • Some of Erik's favorite stories on and off the field
  • The difference between writing for a paper like Patriots Football Weekly and transitioning it to completely digital
  • The trip to Egypt that changed Erik's worldly perspective
  • Why Erik started his non-profit, Nutmeg Animal Welfare
  • That time Cheetah's got in his Jeep
  • Sound advice for writers and those with big ideas
  • Why Erik hates our bucket list ask in the bonus features

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