It's hard to become a working professional in the entertainment industry. Finding your way onto TV and film sets as a paid crew member might actually be harder than accidentally stumbling into the middle of a production shoot on the streets of LA. But for most young creatives who flock to Los Angeles every year with the dream of realizing their passion, the reality of paying the bills hits.

It's one thing to get any old job to pay the bills. It's another to steadily find work in the industry while you pursue your true calling. This episode's featured guest, Director Paul Baker, is living proof that there's something to be said for old school hustle.
While working on the sets of some of your favorite TV shows and films Paul's been forging his own creative path as a director in LA. Since his first short film, 'Elevator Music' became an award winner at its debut festival, Paul's been honing his directing craft through more award winning shorts like 'Chance', 'Advent' and 'Bedtime Story'.


Directing regional LA commercials, music videos, & over 600 corperate web spots followed until Paul wrote & directed his latest film “The Boxer,” currently playing the festival circuit. With that extensive a resume, Paul's just getting started. And I haven't even mentioned what a damn good musician/composer he is on top of it all. Yes the man scores his own soundtracks too!


With a debut feature film in the works, Paul is a prime example of what it takes to follow your dreams in the entertainment industry. Learning from the experiences he received as a younger crew member informs his directing and leadership qualities on the sets of his own projects. But getting to Paul's level can't be achieved on talent alone. Behind the talent for most Hollywood success stories is a level of passion, drive and committment so few can maintain.

We're happy to call Paul a friend, a Rhode Island native, and most of all, we're happy he's sharing it all with us on the podcast.

Don't forget to give Paul's Website a visit or two to watch more of his work and keep up with his latest projects.

Show Notes:

Arty and John give up the director's chair to Paul and talk about...

  • How Paul broke into the entertainment industry
  • Paul's inspiration for becoming a filmmaker
  • What set life is really like on TV and Film productions in LA
  • The differences between production on the West Coast and East Coast
  • Advice for young aspiring professionals
  • Hustle!
  • Directing tips and tricks from Paul's work
  • Behind the scenes stories from Paul's short films The Boxer, Elevator Music, Chance and Bedtime Story
  • How to make an impression on the festival circuit
  • Doing what it takes to follow your passion

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