The world of video production is ripe with creative possibilities. Today's consumer technology gives anyone the power to tell great stories.

But the one story you don't want to tell is the story of the starving artist. How can you sustain your creative endeavors while maintaining a business that pays the bills?

Marketing and sales. That's what our Lion's Gotta Eat segments are all about.

In this episode we're excited to speak with sales guru Donald Kelly. Donald runs his own sales coaching company called The Sales Evangelist designed to help new and struggling sellers find more prospects, build stronger value and close more deals. His podcast of the same name boasts over 800 episodes and has been mentioned by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post and Yahoo Finance. Donald also happens to be a big fan of using video in your sales strategy and gives us some great insight into his sales techniques.

Show Notes

Arty and John get evangelized by Donald over the following topics.

  • How Donald came up with his sales techniques and process.
  • The development of The Sales Evangelist Podcast.
  • Keeping up with digital media, video and other platforms to extend your sales outreach.
  • Donald's Jamaican sales origins.
  • How Donald could've outrun Usain Bolt.
  • Why Donald loves helping other sales professionals become more successful.
  • The importance of video in sales and how much better it can convey your sales pitch.
  • Why Donald's not afraid of giving away his expertise and you shouldn't either.
  • The worst sales pitch Donald's ever heard.
  • The most important advice to succeed on the sales path.

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