You’ve probably heard the famous phrase “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”. Well, this article is all about the importance of a great start. Why? Because if you don’t start a relationship out right, it doesn’t matter how you finish (you’ll never make it to the finish line).

When it comes to video marketing for accounts, we tend to start with an approach focused on the long-term relationship.

The more we can build up assets right away, the easier it is to produce better work more efficiently.

Here are some creative deliverables that will kickstart any relationship, make sure you’re ready for curveballs, and deliver high-value right from the start. Read the article and download this PDF guide to keep this info on hand.

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Produce a b-roll day

B-Roll is imagery that can be used to share stories. We typically use a three to four person crew to capture general footage around an office or several locations to ensure we have some baseline content. Including a day or two of b-roll before we’ve even locked down our first project might seem crazy, but it’s massively helpful.

It’s an easy starting point that allows us to build a rapport and get a win together.

The content will be useful immediately and over the long-term.
It’s a great way for the client to better understand our filming process and we get to know them, their tone, locations, and people.


Create motion graphics templates

By the time the video conversation begins, most brands have a pretty standard graphics package and brand guidelines. All of the thinking that went into these graphics can be shared with the video team to develop a standard motion graphics package

  • logo
  • full screen text boards
  • lower thirds
  • opening boards
  • end boards

It’s okay if this sounds like a foreign language. The point is that we can set-up templates. Creating a motion graphics package at the very start will…

  • Speed up the production process
  • Lead to consistent graphics from all video teams
  • Ensures the brand is properly represented


Cast VO artists

Large accounts need lots of content. Often, professional Voice Over Artists become a useful tool for developing content. Some brands already have voices they turn to, but most don’t. When we kick-off relationships, we often draft sample scripts or leverage existing copy to cast voice-over auditions on websites like or Finding several ‘go-to’ voices delivers two key benefits.

  1. We’re ready before there’s even an ask.
  2. We get a stronger picture of the client’s voice through the selection process.

The good news: you don’t need to hire anyone yet and you can always do a separate casting if you need a different style. The bad news: while it rarely happens, some VO artists move on in there careers over time, so you can’t always count on a VO artist to be there for years.


Build a music package

One of the most important parts of every projects is the music selection. The right songs will instantly connect with your audience and amplify the emotional impact of your videos. We like to work with our clients to establish a folder of stock music for various tones of their brand whether it’s fun/energetic, dramatic/epic, driven/inspirational, or somber/dark.

When the budget allows, we leverage artists to create a package of custom tracks that can easily be adjusted as we go. Finding songs in advance can help your team during creative development. How?

  • Listening to music when brainstorming, filming, and editing, impacts what you create.
  • You’ll have a clear focus on tone.

🎓 Download the guide and become an onboarding superhero

While our onboarding process covers more than just making content, tackling these four creative items before you start a formal project make a big impact.

You’ll have better conversations leading up to your first project, which will ultimately lead to better outcomes and happier clients.

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