Marketing cliches don’t start out cliche. They start out as effective brand messages that generate a great response. They’re catchy, fun phrases marketers spend hours trying to coin. Then everybody ends up using them. It’s like that new hit song from your favorite artist that gets played on every radio station no matter where you turn the dial. After a while you never want to hear it again.

When you’re tackling your next video marketing script don’t be cliche, be different. Sure it’s easy to say. Sometimes certain keywords or phrases are necessary even for SEO purposes. But think about the last time you heard the following phrases in marketing videos or copy.

We’re Innovators
Customer satisfaction
Think outside the box
We give 110% percent
Culture is our greatest strength
We don’t just talk the talk
Once in a lifetime
Striving for excellence
We don’t rest on our laurels
Move the needle
(I could go on)

Guaranteed you haven’t just heard them in your own messaging. In today’s business world, most of these beliefs or initiatives are a given for running a successful company.

That’s what makes them cliche. Anybody can describe their company with them.

Don’t misunderstand, being innovative or believing in culture aren’t bad things. But how are you actually innovative? Why do you believe in culture? What are you doing that’s different and specific to you? That’s the message you have to craft that will generate the response you’re looking for.

Below are two examples of video marketing voice over scripts for two different companies. One is in the medical field. One is in the consumer goods field. Each example has the cliche version, and the more specific version. Which would you prefer?

Example Cliche Script 1: Medical Research Company

The Non-Cliche Version:

Example Cliche Script 2: Consumer Goods Company

The Non-Cliche Version:

The cliche scripts could be anybody. The non-cliche give each company their own identities be it heartwarming or on the fun/comical side. They’re still innovative, customer service, culture driven companies, but with a more personal touch. Their messages are clear and you learn more about who they really are.

The next time you think your marketing script or copy sounds too cliche, use it as a brainstorming tool. The cliches are what you want to say. How can you word them differently? That doesn’t mean grabbing a thesaurus to find a synonym. Ask yourself why you would choose that cliche and define how it relates to your brand. The results will lead to a more personalized message for your audience that “sets you apart from the rest”. (Cliche I know).

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